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Should I Get Overtime Pay for Working Over 40 Hours Per Week? Can My Boss Really Treat Me Like This and Get Away With It? Do I Have to Accept the Way My Co-workers Treat Me?

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Knowledge is power, and the more information you have about your legal rights when working at your place of employment, the greater the likelihood of stopping the offending behavior, receiving just compensation, and moving forward with your career objectives. Our jobs are a large part of each of our lives. It is imperative that each worker receives the rights and stability that he or she deserves. Whether you suspect you are getting shorted on overtime pay, being forced out the door because of your age, being treated harshly as a result of whistleblower actions, or feel you are suffering from any other form of workplace discrimination or harassment, needing help negotiating a severance package, or feel you have a valid claim against your employer, The Higgins Firm and our experienced Nashville employment attorneys can help you.

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Our dedicated team of employment law attorneys work hard to maintain a reputation as tireless advocates for our clients. We use our resources, experience, and legal skills to assist our clients in enforcing their legal rights. Not everyone that consults our firm needs our services. If we determine that an individual would best be served by a different organization, we do our best to point the person in the right direction and answer their questions to the extent possible. Please contact us online or call 800-705-2121 to find out if our firm can assist you with your employment-related concerns. If we do take your case, be assured that we will represent you with vigor and will seek to put your mind at ease during this stressful period in your life. Our Nashville employment lawyers put each of our clients first in everything that we do. At The Higgins Firm, we want to make sure that we are able to put you in the best situation for your future.

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Review: The Higgins Firm
"After 40 years of working and making my own way, I found myself at the lowest point in my life 5 months after an OTJ injury - broke, depressed, unable to work, and my employer declining most of the medical bills. Thank God, and I do, that I found Jim Higgins and Kim Wood, his paralegal. An initial conversation with Mr Higgins accepting the case was uplifting and encouraging, and gave me realistic hope that I had a caring and capable advocate. However, my first in depth conversation with Kim was nothing less than inspiring. I'll never forget when, referring to the ' TV' lawyers I'd mistakenly hired, she said in her Kim Wood way " What the ____ have these people been doing!??" Loved it ! Kim is more to me than a talented, hard working, paralegal, She's kept my expectations in check, talked me up or down as needed, and ALWAYS has time for me." Dale

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